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In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity in 2016

Passengers today want constant access to their digital lives.

Air carriers are facing increasing financial pressure, as consolidation and rapidly-growing international players increase competition and push margins down across the board. With this, passengers are demanding more than ever from an airline’s onboard product. Time spent onboard aircraft can be a dead zone if airlines don’t continue to invest in their onboard entertainment and connectivity options. Passengers increasingly demand these options from their air carriers, even on short domestic flights.

Audio-Video on Demand (AVOD) via a seatback TV is considered the flagship of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) in the US domestic market. However, price and operating costs make this type of product unattractive to many smaller or budget-conscious airlines. Installation costs can run well into the millions of dollars per aircraft.

The Intellifly Entertainment System

Wireless streaming entertainment is the next step in low-cost IFE.

The Intellifly System consists of a hardware unit installed on the aircraft that serves content via its own Wi-Fi network, and of software that runs on passengers' personal electronic devices via a web browser. The system is fully self-contained, requiring no seatback TVs, no underfloor wiring, and no satellite or other external antennas.

The Intellifly hardware unit is less than half the size of a rollaboard suitcase, and has flexible installation options. The unit provides media storage, wireless area network capability, runs the server-side Intellifly software, and provides a mechanism for content and software updates. The unit will comply with all FAA and industry safety requirements.

Intellifly has multiple pricing models, allowing airlines to realize via onboard sales and partnership opportunities. The software and wireless capability provide a platform for connecting smart/IoT devices throughout the cabin, without the complexity of adding conventional wired cabin data systems.

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