Simple installation. Minimal maintenance.

Intellifly uses wireless technology to stream entertainment content to passengers' personal electronic devices. No seatback TVs, wiring, or satellite antennas required.

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A dynamic, customized passenger experience.

Intellifly will build a unique interface, content library, and pricing structure to suit the needs and interests of your passengers. Compatible with movies, TV episodes, audio, and more. Over-the air updates and analytics allow you to tailor the product to your routes and aircraft, dynamically.

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Immediate, sustainable ancillary revenue.

Airlines can expect to earn thousands of dollars per aircraft per month after installation of system (from a-la-carte content pricing). Break even on your initial investment within six months.

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Your passengers can't wait. Can you?

Ninety percent of frequent fliers demand in-flight entertainment on flights two hours or longer. Leading US airlines are rolling out seatback TVs, plus bring-your-own-device options, even in economy class. Don't face another flight with a legacy cabin.

Passengers demand entertainment

A curated onboard entertainment experience. Anywhere you fly.

Intellifly gives your passengers the movies, television shows, and other content they really love, wherever they are flying halfway around the world, or just making a short hop.

Curated experience

Leading the revolution in low-cost onboard entertainment and connectivity. Join us today.

We work closely with airline partners to customize the Intellifly system for all customer aircraft and route types. The Intellifly team has expertise in system qualification and certification, to help get you flying with us quickly and easily.

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